August 22, 2013#


UP IN SMOKE 4 fotograf Bo Tengberg

Larm Film & Heinemann Media present
in corporation with Britdoc Journalism Fund / Channel 4 and DR

The Carbon Crooks –
a documentary on Climate, Credits and Crooks

At the very end of 2012, the Kyoto Protocol expired. All the countries that ratifed the protocol have guaranteed that they will cut down on their carbon emissions and curb the greenhouse gasses.

The question is: How did they do that? One of the solutions has been to buy carbon credits. If e.g. a rich country in the developed world has problems in reaching the goal set in the Kyoto Protocol, they just buy Carbon Credits in the poor countries. Hocus-pocus and the arithmetic fits.

On top of that, the Carbon trading industry has been exposed to massive theft and fraud. According to Europol the tax fraud exceeds more than 5 billion euro. And Denmark was one of the main centers for one of the biggest frauds this world have ever seen.

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