Filmens billede UP IN SMOKE fotograf Bo Tengberg


Director’s statement

There is hardly any area – if we disregard the economic crisis – which has meant so much in the public debate than “the climate battle”.

Not least, the adoption and implementation of the Kyoto Protocol has created major changes for us in the rich world, but especially for the poor, or less developed countries, which also is part of the Protocol.

The political decision to implement a market-based emissions trading system, has in reality meant that we can continue to emit CO2 because the only thing needed is to buy the rights in far away countries.

However, as we will show in the film, the emissions trading system has collapsed. The prices of a carbon credit should have been 30 €, but can now be purchased for less than 0,40 €. (Spring 2013).

The film is a critical, journalistic review of some of the many initiatives and projects that have been implemented to reduce CO2 emissions.

And we have thoroughly reviewed the enormous fraud that has followed in the wake of the market-based climate solution adopted in the EU.

We have chosen to look at the “system”, and we have invited a large number of “witnesses” who individually and in combination, will describe how they see their role in the climate battle. From the political level and all the way down through the market.

I have been very conscious that a film on the climate issue can be hard to attract the viewers. However, I insist on that this issue also should have a journalistic – and thereby public – attention.

Therefore we have chosen to work intensively to visualize this complexity in a way that makes the film a treat for viewers – without removing the focus from the content itself.

Tom Heinemann

Summer 2013